“wait a second” available now!

Our second EP called “wait a second” is now available on all streaming platforms and also as hardcopy. >merch

We are very happy to release this one just two years after our debut “ep1” came out.
The production was great – we recorded our songs at the very fine “ephmusic”- studio in Waxenberg again.
We had the honor of no one other than Klaus Hainy and Martin Scheer who mixed and mastered our four new songs.

The track “The Way I Am” is a special one for us as well, because Sebastian Maurer (additional guitars) and Leonard Roth (keys), two of our favourite musicians in the scene, were recorded on this track to get the sound we wanted to have.

We would be more than happy if you leave us a comment and give us feedback on our brand new release!

Nice Grooves,

Bustafieds second EP release
soul/rock made in austria