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Past Shows

Souleen feat. Bustafied

08/07/22Gallneukirchen, OÖKlangplatzAustria
Time: 19:30.
26/05/22Gallneukirchen, OÖDiakoniefestAustria
Time: 13:00.
20/08/21Gallneukirchen, OÖKlangplatzAustria
Time: 19:30. Cancelled
23/07/21Gallneukirchen, OÖMarktplatzAustria
Time: 19:30. Cancelled
19/09/20Linz, OÖRaumschiffAustria
Time: 20:00. Admission: free entry. Address: Pfarrplatz 18. Magazin-Release GLOSS
13/09/20Linz, OÖLunch Market @CourtyardAustria
Time: 12:00. Address: Europaplatz 2.
10/07/20Gallneukirchen, OÖKlangplatzAustria
Time: 20:45. Cancelled
09/06/20Gallneukirchen, OÖKultur DienstagAustria
Time: 19:00. Cancelled
Time: 20:30. Address: Dreihackengasse 42. Postponed to Fall 2020 Cancelled
10/05/20Linz, OÖLunch Market @CourtyardAustria
Time: 12:00. Address: Europaplatz 2. Cancelled


04/07/20Linz, OÖLive @ TURBINeAustria
Time: 18:00. Cancelled
31/01/20Linz, OÖAh, du a do! @ TabakfabrikAustria
Time: 18:00.
05/12/19Linz, OÖQlash WohnzimmersessionAustria
Time: 20:00. Cancelled
22/09/19Engerwitzdorf, OÖKulturhaus “Im Schöffl”Austria
Time: 14:00. Address: Leopold-Schöffl-Platz 2.
13/09/19Linz, OÖmy IndigoAustria
Time: 19:30. Address: Promenade 25.
08/09/19Linz, OÖLunch Market @CourtyardAustria
Time: 12:00. Address: Europaplatz 2.
06/09/19Ortsplatz Lichtenberg, OÖCharity Open AirAustria
Time: 20:00.
09/08/19Linz, OÖSofar Sounds LinzAustria
Time: 20:30.
29/06/19Steyr, OÖSchlossparkfestAustria
Time: 18:30.
19/06/19Linz, OÖSummerjam Session @SandburgAustria
Time: 17:00.
30/05/19Linz, OÖPosthofAustria
Time: 20:00. Admission: 17€. Support for Kytes
24/05/19Gallneukirchen, OÖEin Fest für AlleAustria
Time: 20:00. Address: Hauptstraße 7.
Time: 20:00. Support for Dandelion
30/04/19Gallneukirchen, OÖKultur DienstagAustria
Time: 19:00.
05/04/19Linz, OÖNoppen Air Warmup Qlash @StadtwerkstattAustria
Time: 21:00.
15/03/19Linz, OÖlautstark! contest @PosthofAustria
Time: 20:00. Admission: 5€.
16/02/19Linz, OÖGin ChillaAustria
Time: 21:00. Address: Hofberg 5.
24/01/19Linz, OÖmy IndigoAustria
Time: 19:30. Address: Promenade 25.
28/11/18Linz, OÖDorf TVAustria
Time: 20:00. Address: Reindlstraße 16-18.
23/11/18Freistadt, OÖFreies Radio FreistadtAustria
Time: 18:00. Live-Session @ Studio
01/11/18Linz, OÖRemembarAustria
Time: 20:30.
18/10/18Linz, OÖHemingway´sAustria
Time: 20:00.
22/09/18Gallneukirchen, OÖWarschenhofergutAustria
Time: 20:00. w/ The Knots
21/09/18WienOverdub (Wien)Austria
Time: 19:30. Address: Replugged Lerchenfelderstraße.
20/09/18Linz, OÖKulturzentrum HOFAustria
Time: 20:00. w/ The Two´s Company
08/09/18Obertrum Am See, SalzburgTrumer PrivatbrauereiAustria
Time: 13:30.
14/07/18SalzburgStadtgaudi SalzburgAustria
Time: 21:00.
13/07/18Gallneukirchen, OÖKlangplatzAustria
Time: 19:45.
06/07/18Bad Mitterndorf, STMKDorffestivalAustria
Time: 20:00.
03/07/18Gallneukirchen, OÖKultur DienstagAustria
Time: 19:00.
30/06/18Linz, OÖSommerfest SchlotAustria
Time: 18:00.
29/06/18SalzburgCheckpoint JAMAustria
Time: 18:00.
26/05/18Gallneukirchen, OÖTroadkastn JAMAustria
Time: 23:00.

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