Bustafied is an Austrian soul trio (near Linz), which loves to perform live music. The three young stage experienced musicians have started a new project, which allows them to enjoy their passion to the fullest as a group. They soulfully combine catchy, fresh, dynamic and groovy instrumentals with expressive vocals.

Daniel Zoglauer (bass & vocals)
Lukas Danninger (guitar & vocals)
Bernhard Küllinger (drums & vocals)

The trio decided to record their „ep1“ before they actually started playing live in Spring 2018. Bustafied worked with well known sound engineer of Parov Stelar and a three time award winning mastering engineer to reach the sound quality they wanted to deliver.

„ep1“ was officially released on the 26th of May 2018 and is available on all known streaming services and also as a hardcopy.

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