Big News this year!

After Lukas, guitarist and original member of Bustafied, quit the band, we decided not only to continue, but to try something new.
We asked our friend Leonard “Leo” Roth to join us on keyboards. He brings in some very cool new sounds & vibes.
And we decided to go even further and ask our favourite Soul-Vocalist Souleen in town to collaborate with us in the future.

This new collaboration brings our music even closer to modern soul.

From now on we continue as “SOULEEN FEAT. BUSTAFIED

Our first single as a collective is called “Difference” and will be released on 13th of March.

By the way, here are some facts about Souleen:
With her beautiful and soulful voice she impresses in very diverse live-settings.
Solo on vocals & guitar, as a duo or with a full backing-band.
She already performed at well known locations like Posthof Linz, Kronefest and even Burg Calm as an support-act, just to name a few.

all the best & see you all soon,

Souleen & Bustafied